They sow the seeds of the festival and nurture it with their relentless efforts. With twenty variant departments headed by the Quartet, these individuals are truly the foundation of Malhar. Presenting to you the ever-enthusiastic workforce of Malhar 2019, who devote their heart and soul to extend the Malhar feeling, far and wide.

The number 4 signifies stability and orderly existence of all things bright and beautiful. Our Quartet, too, does just that. These four are not only fantastic but also formidable. Standing at the helm of this mega-event, the Q governs the functioning of Malhar in its entirety.As this Chronicle reaches a crucial Junction, the Quartet will strive to Turn Time Upside-Down and make your Malhar experience truly out of this Universe.

“Admin is a feeling.” -Behram Kapadia, Vice Chairperson (Management) Known amongst the high circles as ‘the backbone of Malhar’, Administration is the department that essentially lays the edifice of every event as well as the fest in its entirety. The oil that keeps this massive Malhar machinery running smoothly, Administration is the first frontier of Malhar, the premier point of contact between the participants and the festival. From inviting colleges to bidding them adios post the fest and everything in between is what forms Administration’s portfolio. On the days of the fest, you will find this efficient bunch discreetly handling vital documents and closely observing the proceedings from their fortress of LR 14, venturing out only to handle pressing issues. Welcome to Admin, the backstage of Malhar!

Assistance is the department that deals with crowd and venue management within college. We take care of participants, audience and even other volunteers at times xD. We keep the commotion to a minimum and make sure all Malhar events run smoothly. Aside from crowd control we also have the privilege of dealing with all the judges that come for Malhar. Basically, we work behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Being the second largest department, Assistance is divided into 4 sub-departments - Judges, Halls, Floors and Foyer. Pick your poison

We make Malhar available to the biggest audience out there, the internet. Yes, it is we who make the website. Apart from bringing Malhar to the world we also make the volunteer application form. From helping out other departments in procuring their workforce to building Malhar’s platform on the internet we do it all. We know more than human languages. No, we don’t talk to our computers, we control them. We never say no to breaks.

“A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a Cathedral in mind.”- Antoine De St-Exupery
A place where ideas, almost like the flames that stoke curiosity. This is where unstoppable forces - the enthusiasm and the madness which define Malhar, meet the immovable object, the knowledge which countless individuals bring to Malhar. For the last decade and counting, Conclave has brought a platform for debate, discussion and dialogue and with that, a series of stimulating events, all to create the perfect Malhar experience. We at Conclave, strive to create this very environment for every single individual who comes to Malhar and make this experience an unforgettable one.

There's no pixel of Malhar that doesn't look good and hasn't been given birth to by this department. Creatives is the digital art force of Malhar. From Photoshop to Microsoft Paint, right from giant banners, social media posts, posters, pamphlets, badges to cat GIFs, we have it all covered. The personification of the #aesthetic hashtag is us. This Malhar, whatever you see, it was designed by yours truly with a bit of madness, last minute deadlines, and a zeal to make things look awesome - in 1920 x 1080.

Help with setting the theme of Malhar on the days of the fest through large scale backdrops and installations, or express your creativity and show off your artistic skills via personalized merchandise, paintings and calligraphy!

There is a box, there is a cat inside it. The cat is both alive and dead. Outside the box lie dinosaurs, tea cups, light bulbs, sparkles, unhatched mystery plots, more boxes, cats that are almost definitely alive and the Universe. And here is our realm - where orange and pink, ice cream and fries, even princesses and frogs, make complete sense together. Fair to say we don't fit in. But why fit in when you could just not? Why be some-thing when you could be any-thing? Here at ETC, we have everything and nothing in common. We are the masters of kung fu(n) and we'll Bruce lee-ad you to the most fun events you've ever participated in. We are Entertainment, Theatricals and Contests: The perfect fit for all misfits.

If you're as sketchy as us, we want you - as long as you know where to draw the line. FA is always looking for creative minds who can help us with our art gallery and events. But don't worry if you're just a work-in-progress, we're here to brush you up and include you in our FAmily.

"My belief is that Finance prints everything" These inspiring words of our imperial leader cover one of the many aspects of our expertise. We excel at budgeting, crying in front of the Treasury and as we all guessed, reimbursing everyone for miscellaneous fest expenses. But on a serious note, we, as a small, compact and hand-picked team handle the budgets and accounts of a grand fest, facilitating providence. And yeah, we don't take volunteers.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…” - Plato

Well; at FnD, we behold everything, which makes us the most beautiful department ever! No questions asked. The workforce gets 10x friendlier around us and we owe it all to our cameras! We are a fun-loving bunch of people who use words like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed etc. to sound like we know what we’re doing. Believe us, we do. Copyrights love us a tad too much and we wish we reciprocated. In closing we’d like to say - Reduce ISO to reduce grain.

Hospitality aims to make Malhar a homely experience for all. Well known as the department that “just serves food to the volunteers and judges”, Hospitality does more than what meets the eye. In a world of social media, Card-o-lates give a chance to experience the magic of hand-written letters. Hospi also sets up comfortable accommodations for the outstation contingents. Convincing sponsors? Well, Hospi is up to the task. Malhar ain’t home without Hospi!

"Itna sannata kyon hai bhai?" With Indian Performing Arts, there's always a reason for celebration. The home-ground of Indian dance, theatre, music and performing arts, we strive to create a platform that showcases all aspects of our culture. Here, we add a splash of colour and a hint of drama to life. And what we have to offer, in the end, is an experience nothing short of phenomenal! Come, fall in love with the Desi way of living and embrace the magic that it designs. Buckle up and hold on tight, for this is going to be quite the journey... After all, "Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost!"

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” We’re the department that will help you find out. Located right at the junction of creativity and wit, Literary Arts can help you chronicle your life, turn back time, or see everything upside down. With events, a blog, and a magazine to boot, Literary Arts provides everything you need to adequately obsess over Malhar in the coming months (or years, we won’t judge).

Logistics is more than what the name suggests. We are divided into 4 sub-departments - Constructions, Displays, Classrooms, and Events. Constructions are responsible for the Malhar stage that you just can’t miss in the first quad. Displays are in charge of the huge sponsor drop-downs. Classrooms set up the layouts for over 50 classrooms. Events deals with the logistical set up of events in the Foyer, Hall, First Quad, and School building as required. In spite of having over 90 volunteers, we will never fail to make you feel like a part of this family, with a bond like no other!

We are a department focused on hard work and determination. We serve as the backbone of Malhar and we put the money in the bank. Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of this? Are you ready to accept the challenge? Is this a deal? Is this your call-ing? Let's make it rain this year, Join Marketing 2019.

At Public Relations, we create an arch which binds Malhar with the audience. With our sub-departments, namely- Internals and Social Media, Externals and MOWs and Press, as multidimensional and extravagant as we are as individuals, the department provides an opportunity to create bonds and learn lessons, for life! This Malhar season, embrace your inner extraness and JOIN PR. Because PyaaR kiya toh darna kya.

Westeros had the Night's Watch, Hogwarts had Dumbledore's Army, Earth has the Avengers, and Xavier's? Xavier's has Team Security. The department which everyone thinks is strict and harsh, but in reality we’re soft and kind. We at Security are always regarded as a bunch joyless souls whose sole purpose is to suck the life out of the fest, but behind the curtain, Security is not just a group of people working together to ensure the event continues to run, but rather a family, sharing a wealth of experiences and memories and a near unbreakable bond. They say home is where the heart is, and security is the heart of Malhar.

Malhar being round the corner, the pursuit to find the perfect department begins and if you're looking for a hard wired department to shake things up, Texxx is definitely the place to be. Texxx is the reason Malhar is Lit -literally and yes when it comes to sound, we're 'All About that Bass'. Be it the biggest or smallest events happening in either the Quad, Halls, Foyer and Classrooms, Texxx handles all the audiovisual and lighting needs. This, of course, can't be managed without Inventory, Mobiles and VSM, the very backbone of our department, who've got it all covered. Even though there might be days when the department gets tiring and time-consuming, it’s the volunteers, old and new that make this department inviolable. So if you've got the Texxx factor then come join us for a ‘Texxceptional’ Malhar Experience

Seldom life gives you an opportunity to have fun while you learn something new! Workshops incorporated brings to you this exact experience at Malhar with the enthralling, but free workshops ranging from the mouthwatering food workshops to the exceptional dance workshops, we've got it all covered! To boot, our Yardsale and social cause event help us add another feather to our learning caps! Learn something in a blink, with!

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” The department of World Performing Arts invites all you music and dance enthusiasts to experience your moment of glory. Express yourself in the universal language of dance and music and to captivate and be captivated by the mesmerizing array of events we have in store for you this year. Let the thumping bass and melodies of music guide you to our stage. Put your best foot forward and dive into the heart and soul of dance and music. So come join us and indulge yourselves in this Multiverse! Unplug yourselves to the rhythm of our events. Because when in doubt, dance it out. Let me know if anything else is required.